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What is Planned Maintenance and why should I bother with it?

I would like to take a few minutes to address the importance of Planned Maintenance (PM’s) and share it with you.

There are essentially two types of service calls

  1. Proactive and

  2. Reactive.

PM’s generally fall on the proactive side of service as they entail scheduled maintenance and assessment of equipment and assets with the intention of preventing equipment failure. Weak components can be identified and their condition noted so that service is prioritized to keep the equipment working and kitchen production online.

Reactive service generally means that the customer is scheduling service once the unit is down and unresponsive. It is no longer functioning and making money for the business, and the downtime becomes prolonged if parts need to be ordered.

PM’s allow us to identify potential issues with the equipment, bring it to the customers attention, order parts and schedule service prior to the equipment failing. This gives you transparency and predictability from your kitchen equipment, it optimizes the workflow of your kitchen, and also increases the longevity of the equipment. Ideally if PM’s are done on a regular schedule we can avoid frustration and revenue loss for your kitchen as much as possible.

Equipment Manufacturers typically recommend regular preventative maintenance for their equipment and generally always include PM instructions in their operational manuals. Failure to do regular maintenance can lead to unexpected downtime and costly, unnecessary repairs.

How we do planned maintenance?

We will schedule a PM visit for a few hours where we inspect all of the components and make an inventory of parts and their condition to share with you.

We will update you with anything we find of concern if there is a pressing issue you might not be aware of.

We will take stock of any parts with expected wear and tare schedules and make a plan with you for keeping those up-to-date.

Typically the first PM will be the longest as we create the parts inventory, subsequent PMs are likely to be a bit faster.

When should you do a PM?

We recommend scheduling PM service once or twice per year depending on the business of your kitchen. It usually makes sense to do these visits when things are a bit slower between your busy seasons. This time of year between March Break and summer rushes tends to be a good time, as well as mid-fall, though we are always happy to get started on proactive service.

If you have any questions about how PMs work or would like to schedule one, we’d love to hear from you!

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