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Gas & Electric Appliances

Factory-trained and TSSA certified, we specialize with major manufacturers of all types of equipment:

Cooking & Bakeware
Ware Washing

Detailed repair and service history data is collected and maintained for each piece of equipment in your kitchen so that service can be performed quickly and accurately. With ServiceTrade, that information is made available to you as well. With Customer Access, you can receive real-time notifications, view noted deficiencies and see upcoming appointments.

Emergency, diagnostic, or preventative maintenance services available with flexible scheduling to meet your needs.


Catch a leak before a breakdown

Scheduled preventative maintenance can greatly improve the efficiency and lifespan of your assets, saving you with less unexpected downtime, keeping you operational and your customers happy.

It’s a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to managing your assets. With the potential to reduce costly emergency repairs, and the ability to schedule service around your peak operating hours.

Each kitchen and piece of equipment will have varying demands. We will establish specific checklists and schedules for each unit, and work with you to set up a maintenance program that makes the most sense for your business's specific needs.


Avoid the headache

Delays and interruptions are not an option for a successful business, have your new assets installed by a professional.

We'll follow manufacturers specifications and standards, protecting your warranty, and ensuring its reliability and total life expectancy.

Minimize your downtime, after hours services are available to schedule installations around your operation.

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